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Fish   Salads

Vegetarian Dishes


The soups

300 Sopa do tomate6.00 €
Creamy tomato soup
with sheep's cheese: 7.50 € 301
302 Sopa do diadaily price
Portuguese garlic soup from the Alentejo with bread cubes and organic egg
303 Sopa de marisco8.50 €
Spanish fish soup with fish, seafood, bread and aioli

The salads

304 Sea buckthorn salad*v7.50 €
Mixed green salads with shots and almond splits, dried tomatoes and sea buckthorn-vinaigrette
305 Salada mista solo*(v)8.50 €
Green salads, raw vegetables with fresh herbs, alternatively with Dijon mustard sauce, sea buckthorn- or yoghurt-dressing
306 Salada Mista12.00 €
with apricots-sheeps cheese or bacon-wrapped prunes
307 Ensalada con Queso12.00 €
Mixed leaf salad with sheeps cheese, olives, dried tomatoes, fresh basil and yoghurt dressing
308 Ensalada con Salmon* 14.00 €
Fried fillets of salmon with fresh dill, cucumber and Dijon mustard dressing on mixed salads
309 Ensalada con Serrano* 13.00 €
Mixed leaf salad with serrano ham, fresh fruits, sprouts and sea buckthorn dressing
310 Goat's cheese salad* 13.00 €
Gratinated goat cheese with fresh fruit and toasted almond flakes on mixed green salads with sea buckthorn dressing
312 Crazy Salad solo*(v) 10.80 €
Mixed green salads, carrot salad, fresh fruits and fresh herbs
alternatively with raspberry, yoghurt, sea buckthorn or Dijon mustard dressing
313 Crazy salad with roasted gambas or Moorish chicken breast** skewers 15.80 €
318 Portobello* 14.50 €
Fried hake fillets with bread and Dijon mustard sauce on mixed salads
319 Mini-Salad*v 4.50 €
Small mixed salad of raw vegetables

The starters

322 Bread and aioli 5.50 €
323 Bread with three sorts of aioli 6.80 €
324 Pan con Queso6.80 €
Tomato garlic bread au gratin with sheep´s cheese
325 Pão tostadov5.50 €
Roasted tomato garlic bread
326 Wild potatoes5.50 €
Deep-fried potato wedges with chilli pepper aioli
327 Canary potatoesv5.50 €
Sea salt potatoes with cumin sauce
328 Patatas bravasv5.50 €
Deep-fried potato wedges with chilli pepper tomato sauce
329 Patatas con Chorizo7.00 €
Deep-fried organic potato wedges with chorizo and
chilli aioli
330 Tapa-Falafelv 6.80 €
Deep-fried chick pea balls with cumin sauce
332 Sesame vegetablesv4.50 €
Fried vegetables with sesame
333 Marinated green and black olives v
4.50 €
in garlic olive oil
334 Gratinated sheep´s cheese*7.90 €
with tomato and rucola
335 Melted goat´s cheese* 8.70 €
with honey and fresh thyme
336 Deep-fried prunes6.70 €
337 Deep-fried apricots with sheep cheese stuffing 6.70 €
338 Pimientos de Padrón* 5.50 €
fried peppers with rough natural sea salt
339 Queso Manchego y Jamón Serrano 12.50 €
Manchego-Käse und Serrano-Schinken mit Oliven, Brot und Aioli Manchego cheese and serrano ham with olives, bread and aioli
340 Gambas al ajillo 9.00 €
Deep fried gambas with chili, garlic and tomato on rucola
with garlic-olive oil and coarse-grained sea-salt-->
343 Calamares fritos 7.50 €
Deep-fried squid rings
344 Boquerones fritos*7.50 €
Deep-fried anchovies with rough sea salt
346 Tapa-Albondigas7.00 €
Spanish meatball in stewed in Sherry-tomato-sauce
347 Chouriço assado 7.50 €
Fried chorizo with apple and thymi in white wine-sauce
348 Pinchitos Morunos7.00 €
Marinated fried chicken breast spits
    Portion: 3.00 € 349 Aioli, chili-aioli, herbs-aioli, chili-tomato saucev, cumin seed saucev
    small: 2.00 € 350
large breadbasket: 3.00 € 351 bread v

Mixed tapas plates

314 Prato do Mar14.50 €
Fried king prawns, squid rings, green shell mussels, potato edges, olives, salad and aioli
315 La mourav 13.00 €
Falafel, hummus, tabouleh, Pão tostado, olives, salad and cumin seed sauce
316 Prato do campo 14.00 €
Marinated fried chicken breast spit**, carrot sheep's chees tarte, prunes wrapped up with bacon, patata bravas with choizo, olives, salad, bread and chilli-aioli
317 Amanida Catalana 14.00 €
Serrano-ham, sheep's cheese, fried anchovies and choizo, olives, salad and chilli-aioli

Vegetarian and Vegan

355 Falafel v 13.50 €
Deep-fried chick pea balls on mixed green salads with hummus and three sauces
356 Pisto Manchego v 12.00 €
Spanish pan fried vegetables from la Mancha with braised vegetables in tomato sauce
357 Pisto Manchego con Queso 14.50 €
Spanish pan fried vegetables from la Mancha with sheep cheese gratinated
358 Moorisch pepper ragout v 13.50 €
Deep fried red pepper stripes in coco-tomato sauce with fried apricots-sheep's cheese spits and roasted pumkin seeds on cousous
359 Moorisch vegetables v 13.50 €
Fresh vegetables with prunes in cinnamon-almond sauce and couscous

Being all-important: Fish!

360 Plato de pescado variado 18.90 €
Mixed fish plate with fried fillet of fish, anchovies, green shell mussels, king prawns and squid rings with bread, aioli and mixed salad
361 Cataplana de Peixe 18.90 €
Portuguese national dish from the oven with fish fillets, mussels, squid rings, small calamares, potatoes and fresh coriander in a garlic-tomato-sauce
363 Espedada de Marisco 18.90 €
Portuguese barbecue spit with king prawns, salmon, squid rings and calamari with deep-fried potatoes cocked with sea salt, aioli and salad
364 Pescada mixta 18.50 €
Mixed fried fish fillets from hake and salmon with deep-fried potatoes, Dijon mustard sauce on mixed salads
365 Merluza con Patatas 17.50 €
Roasted hake fillets with fried potato cubes, aioli and mixed salad
367 Calamares fritos 16.80 €
Braised calamari with diced tomatoes and olives in garlic in olive oil combined with potatoes cooked with sea salt and mixed salad
371 Serrano y Salmon 19.50 €
Fried fillets of salmon wrapped up with bacon on braised vegetables and rosemary potatoes
375 Zarzuela 17.90 €
Spanish fish pan with fish fillets, mussels, squid and potatoes in aniseed tomato sauce with green salad
377 Gambas con Patatas 17.90 €
Fried king prawns in garlic-olive-oil with aioli, potato spits spiced with fresh rosemary and mixed salad
378 Moroccan fish* 17.60 €
Mixed fillets of fish with almond slivers in cinnamon-prunes-sauce with couscous

Main course: meat dishes

380 Cataplana de Carne 18.90 €
Portuguese national dish from the oven with chicken* and Landuro loin of porc, chouriço, potatoes and fresh coriander in a garlic-tomato-sauce
381 Plato de Carne variado 19.60 €
Mixed plate of meat with chicken breast fillet**, chicken wings** and steaks of porc, chorizo with bread, aioli, chili tomato-dip and mixed salad
382 Moorish spits 17.90 €
Marinated fried chicken breast** spits with bulgur, yoghurt- and chilli tomato-dip and mixed salad
383 Moroccan chicken* 17.90 €
Stewed chicken** from the oven with almonds and cinnamon in a prune sauce with couscous and salad
384 Portuguese chicken 17.90 €
Stewed chicken** from the oven in a garlic-tomato-sauce from the oven with deep-fried potatoes and salad
385 Carne de Porco al Jerez 19.50 €
Fried pork loin strips* with chili, garlic, and onions stewed in Sherry with deep-fried potato-halves and green salad
386 Albondigas 15.80 €
Spanisch meatballs stewed in Sherry-tomato sauce with couscous and salad
387 Espetada de Carne 18.90 €
Portuguese barbecue spit with chicken breast**, loin of porc* and chouriço with deep-fried potatoes cocked with sea salt, aioli and mixed salad

Dishes for children

401 Children hake 10.50 €
Deep fried hake with deep-fried potato wedges, mayonnaise and a cucumber salad
402 Children Albondigas 9.50 €
Meatballs in a tomato sauce with mushed potatoes and carrot salad
403 Children falafel v 8.50 €
Fried chickpea on vegetables
404 Mini-Mousse4.50 €
Mousse au chocolat with wild berry puree

Sobremesas • Postres • Desserts

393 Pudim Flan4.80 €
Portuguese vanilla custard with caramel syrup
394 Death from chocolate 7.80 €
Chocolate mousse on wild berry puree


We process:

  • organic eggs
  • organic sea buckthorn sauce
  • pork from animals with free outflow and pure vegetarian diet
  • chickens from rural lievestock farming. The feed grain is self-cultivated and is free from antibiotic and genetic manipulation.
Serrano ham air-seasoned ham from the andalusian mountainous region
Chorizo/Chourico Iberian paprika sausage (Spanish spicy sausage)
Couscous wheat semolina
Bulgur kibbled wheat


* without garlic

** animals from livestock farming methods appropriate for each species

v = vegan cuisine

(v) = vegan cuisine with appropriate dressings and sauces: bilberry, sea buckthorn and orange dressing, cumin seed and chili-tomato sauce

An allergen list can be viewed in our restaurant.
We would like to point out that fish fillets might contain bones.